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released 23 March 2013
Executive Producers: Leslie Gearhart, Lisa Deaton, Ian Hagemann

Produced by: Bitch, Billie Jo Cavallaro and Leslie Gearhart

Thunder is an intimate portrait of Canadian folk-singer Ferron, who ran away from home at 15 and went on to become one of Canada's most famous folk-singers. Anchored on an inter-generational friendship between the two musicians Ferron and Bitch (Bitch and Animal, Shortbus, Kill Rock Stars).

"Thunder" is not your average documentary. It doesn't give us a timeline approach, nor does it tell Ferron's life story. Instead, Cavallaro and Bitch capture a 'window into the artist'---where we are affected on a subconscious level.

Running Time: 58 minutes

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Lighten-ing is a new album by Ferron, produced by Bitch. Made to accompany Thunder, Lighten-ing features 3 previously unreleased songs, including one written by Ferron and Bitch together, "Army of You."

This double-disk package features a 32 page booklet insert that takes you through some of Ferron's journey. A true fan package!

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